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Which Degausser Does Your Organisation Require?

The use of a reliable Degausser is critical. Overwrite, format and Physical Destruction does not always erase all information recorded on Magnetic Media. Only a high-quality Degausser evaluated and approved by the National Security Agency and accepted by the UKs CESG, can guarantee complete removal of your data. A Degausser supplied by ensures the safety of your Confidential, Classified and/or Proprietary Information
Our Security Professionals can assist you in identifying the best technology to safeguard all of the information stored on Magnetic Media, such as Computer Hard Drives, Laptops, Server Drives, Back-up Tapes, Audio tapes, etc.
We can help you understand the liabilities associated with using improper Media Sanitisation Techniques and guide you to a perfect solution.
Our goal is to provide useful information to help you identify Simple Solutions that are Fast, Affordable and Guarantee your Information is Secure.
Let us help you understand the benefits of Degaussing and or Shredding, current Security Guidelines and Regulations, Compliance Requirements, and the latest procedures from the CESG, Department of Defense and US Federal government.
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