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Degaussing & Shredding Destruction Systems

Degaussers and Shredders have become a necessity in today’s World both in Business life and even at Home. As the level of sophistication of criminals increases, the purchase of the correct machine is even more essential. When choosing a product do not try to calculate how many redundant Hard Drives you produce currently, but try to imagine how many there will be in a period of say 5 years time - Amortise the cost and it really is not that expensive to guarantee complete protection.
Your Hard Drive Degausser and Paper Shredder purchase in today’s World is as essential as locks on your doors and windows and your burglar alarm. Identity Theft is like a virus - a faceless crime, unlike a robbery where you realise you have been violated immediately, it can take months before you realise someone has stolen your identity.
Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on CCTV, the most sophisticated Electronic Surveillance, Security Guards, Entry Monitor Systems etc. trying to stop criminals entering their premises and then throw out the back door, the ‘life blood’ of their Company on a single Hard Drive’
Remember F U D:
Installing a proper Degaussing and Shredding Destruction System is the insurance policy for your Confidential Information
If I were a criminal or a competitor wanting to gain an advantage, I would simply wait until I saw a batch of old redundant Laptops or Computer Stacks in your waste bin - I would probably have your complete Company Secrets in my pocket in seconds - Just imagine how much information is contained in a small Disk twice the size of a mobile phone!!
Imaging Company X - say a large Aeronautic Company based in Avon who believed that they had the perfect, infallible system to destroy their Corporate Secrets and future Research & Development plans. Everything is Shredded onsite with their own Shredding Machines and via a Shredding Service at the end of the year destroying all of their Bulk Waste.
5 tons of Paper Shredded per annum and a Certificate of Destruction Received
They also had a policy of giving all of their old laptops to a Charity or letting Staff donate them to their Local School. Can you imagine how much Confidential Information potentially they are giving away with the best intentions? - COULD THIS COMPANY BE YOU?
Along with your current Shredding Policy always add a suitable Degaussing Destruction System