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Degaussers with Conveyor Belts

Degaussers with Conveyor Belts feature a loading conveyor to allow you to degauss multiple items of media at a time. Simply place the media onto the conveyor belt and let the machine do the rest. These machines are perfect for degaussing batches of hard drive or tape media as these systems provide rapid continuous erasure.
Tape Degausser
Verity V880 High Energy Conveyor Degausser
  • Standard Commercial Security
  • Powerful Dual "V" configured Degaussing Coils
  • 1000 Beta SP per hour with 2 passes
4,495 + vat
Tape Degausser
Verity SV5000 CESG Conveyor Degausser
  • CESG Approved to Lower Level + NATO Approval
  • Continuous Capacitor Pulse Discharge Technology with Controlled Processor
  • Up to 500 off VHS cassettes, 900 off 3480/90 cartridges, 300 reels
7,295 + vat
Tape Degausser
Verity V100 High Energy Conveyor Degausser
  • Standard Commercial Security
  • Up to 5500 units per hour
10,995 + vat