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The Benefits of Degaussing

Organisations need to avoid the dangers resulting from stolen media, improperly overwritten hard drives or poorly erased media which can be disastrous to any Business. Implementing the right degausser solution for your organisation will help protect your data from accidental disclosure or theft.

Purchasing a Degausser from gives the following benefits:

  • Meets the NSA and CESG requirements for the sanitisation of classified information
  • Guarantees the removal of data from magnetic media by all known retrieval methods
  • Minimises security risks associated with storing classified magnetic media
  • Easily sanitise unclassified media contaminated with classified information
  • Reduces administrative procedures required to store classified information
  • Easily downgrades the security risks associated with classified media
  • Disposes classified media quickly and in-house
  • Meets HIPAA and GLB Act media control policies and procedures governing the receipt and removal of hardware and electronic media including:
    • Disposal
    • Media re-use
    • Accountability
  • Avoids costs and loss of revenue associated with stolen storage media
  • Reduces the risk relating to:
    • Potentially damaging emails, company proprietary information, customer profiles, financial data, therefore reducing exposure and risk of compromising proprietary information
    • Prevent the retrieval of company information by data recovery services or software
  • Saves money:
    • Reduce time and labour resources required to overwrite information or in the destruction of magnetic media
    • Eliminate client information by degaussing backup tapes before reuse
  • Guarantees protection from:
    • Data Protection Thieves
    • Media loss during transport
    • Employee theft
    • Improper media destruction (i.e. inferior degausser, non approved destruction methods)