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Garner TS-1E Continuous Duty Degausser

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Garner TS-1E Continuous Duty Degausser
Product Dimensions: 440x482x546mm

Garner TS-1E Continuous Duty Degausser (NSATS01)

  • NSA Approved to meet CESG Higher Level
  • Continuous Capacitor Discharge
  • Up to 80 Hard Drives and Tapes per Hour
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Garner TS-1E

The Garner TS-1E Data Eliminator™, is an NSA Evaluated and approved High Security Degausser which meets the CESG Higher Level requirements and utilizes Garner's proven solid-state technology. The TS-1 provides a 20,000 gauss erasing field ensuring complete Hard Drive and Tape erasure of classified and "Top Secret" data within 45 seconds. Garner's built-in magnetic field verification system along with onboard diagnostics, confirm the field strength of each and every erase cycle guaranteeing complete erasure every time. Furthermore, the field strength is displayed numerically and graphically allowing the operator to perform periodic performance verification eliminating the need for a separate instrument to check the erasing force. Redundant error checking before, during and after each erase cycle ensures the TS-1E is performing in peak condition. Compact and portable, the TS-1E can be easily transported to the location of the media for on-site erasure and de-classification.
The Garner TS-1E is the newest and most innovative product in the Garner line of degaussers. With 2 Tesla (20,000 gauss) of power, the TS-1E erases the highest coercivity magnetic media available today. The TS-1E erases 5,000 Oe hard drives (laptop, desktop and network up to 1" high) and up to 2,800 Oe high coercivity tape media, including all formats of LTO (1,2,3,4), SuperDLT I & II, DLT, AIT, 3590 Series, 8mm and more, all without any adapters. With a continuous duty rating (no cooling breaks necessary), quiet operation and a 45 second cycle time, the TS-1E offers a fast, cost effective erasing solution for Top Secret data.
The TS-1E is exceptionally user-friendly. Simply place your media into the drawer of the TS-1E and push the "Erase" button. Within 45 seconds, the media is erased allowing you to open the drawer and remove the media.
Safeguards built into the TS-1E check the stored power before each erase cycle ensuring complete erasure every time. In addition, a proprietary gauss sensor measures the erasing force in the coil at the time of discharge. If the electrical power or the erasing force is less than specification, the TS-1 will report an error message to the operator and not complete the cycle until the TS-1E meets both power and erasing force requirements. Messages on the LCD Display and lighted push buttons report the status of the TS-1E to the operator.
Manufacturers Warranty: 1 year (parts & labour)

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Garner TS-1E Continuous Duty Degausser - Specifications

Manufacturer Code:
Security Level:
Security Approvals:
Disk Oersteds:
Tape Oersteds:
Max Media Size:
Cycle Time:
Duty Cycle:
Magnetic Fields:
Other Power:
Dimensions (W*D*H):
Degausses Discs & Hard Drives:
Degausses Tapes:
Conveyor Belt:
Permanent Magnet:
Destroys Hard Drives:
Garner TS-1E Continuous Duty Degausser
NSA Approved to meet CESG Higher Level
Continuous Capacitor Discharge
Automatic Operation
Up to 80 Hard Drives and Tapes per Hour
NSA Evaluated Products List Degausser (EPL Degausser), NSA/CSS-EPL-9-12A, meets CESG Higher Level
up to 20000
up to 20000
Suitable for Tape and Hard Disk Drives up to 4.5” (114 mm) by 6.75” (170 mm) by 1” (26 mm)
45 seconds repetitive cycle
Longitudinal and Perpendicular
100-240VAC ±5%, 50/60 Hz Selectable
** Specifications are subject to change - See Terms and Conditions for more information **