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Hard Drive Degaussers, Tape Degaussers & Destruction Devices from the UK's best value Data Destruction site

Our Suppliers Applied Magnetics inc., Garner, Varese and Verity are the leading Manufacturers of Hard Disk Drive Degaussers & Magnetic Tape Media Degaussers. Their degaussers are recommended by the Department of Defense (DoD), approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) and included in the Evaluated Products List-Degausser (NSA EPL-Degausser), meeting the UK Government's CESG Higher Level Requirements.

Degaussers Destroy Tape Media & Erase Hard Drives

A degausser produces an erasing field that permanently destroys all information stored on magnetic media such as hard drive disks and back up tapes; used in laptops, computer systems, photocopiers and printers. The magnetic storage of media uses different patterns of magnetisation to store information on the recording medium of video and audio cassette storage and back up tapes, hard drive/floppy disk platters and magnetic strips on credit cards. The correct use of a suitable degausser will ensure that the information is completely wiped and is no longer retrievable.

We have over 30 years experience in the Data Destruction industry and offer Electromagnetic, Permanent Magnet, Portable and Hand Held Degaussers as well as Hard Drive and Tape Erasers, Conveyor Degaussers - new and factory refurbished options, a degausser recycling program, training and support, degausser certification, competitive pricing, quality craftsmanship and the best warranties available.

June Special Offers

Heavy Duty Degaussers & Hard Drive Destruction Devices

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Special Offers

Spend 1,000

(+ vat) and get an HSM ShredStar MultiShred Cross Cut Paper Shredder absolutely FREE!
HSM ShredStar MultiShred

Spend 5,000

(+ vat) and get an HSM SECURIO B22 CC-4 Cross Cut Paper Shredder absolutely FREE!

Spend 10,000

(+ vat) and get a GSA approved Degaussing Wand absolutely FREE!

Datagone LG

Data Logging Degausser to provide a history of degaussing for 5,295.00

DataGauss XL-LG

Data Logging Degausser to provide a history of degaussing for 2,995.00

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